The Launch

March 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

A Generation of Leaves was written in Pubnico, Nova Scotia and Peaks Island, Maine. Both of these small, independent communities afforded me the time and space and, most importantly, the silent affirmation that writing is an honorable and worthy endeavor. That is no small gift in a fast paced world. I owe my friends and family in both locations my gratitude for their forbearance as I kept my head in a book, my fingers poised over a keyboard and my thoughts in a distracted ether for more days than I can count.

This past Tuesday, the book had its official launch sponsored by the Peaks Island Branch of the Portland Public Library. I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful and responsive audience to send this book out into the world.

I’ll keep the good wishes of all who have cheered us along the way close to my heart.  Next stop, New York City and a benefit reading at The Catholic Worker on March 21.

For a glimpse of the launch and a look at some of the evocative sketches that Jamie Hogan did before we settled on the final jacket design, please click this link

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